Underground Cable Location & Fault Finding Services in Kitsap & Jefferson County

Sunset Electric utilizes the latest technology in pipe and cable location.  We can locate electrical cables, telephone cables, copper and galvanized pipe, and any plastic PVC piping with a tracing wire.

We can give you the depth, direction and map out the underground reticulation system.

This allows us to carry out excavation work without damage to infrastructure or services.  In addition to this, it allows us to increase on the job safety and determine the more effective and efficient work methods for both our organization and the customer. 

Underground Fault Finding

We are able to locate damage to underground electrical services and pinpoint the exact location of the problem and make repairs.  We can locate underground faults with cables in heavy-duty plastic PVC conduit and cables that are directly buried into the soil. 

This saves the customer major expense by pinpointing and repairing the fault, rather than having to replace the entire underground reticulation service.

Fault Finding Example
Example of identified fault
Fault Finding Example
Example of identified fault



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